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    TruckSmart Enhancements

    TruckSmart mobile app displayed on mobile phone.

    Reserving Your Instant Shower has Never Been Easier

    With our latest enhancement to TruckSmart, reserving your Instant Shower has never been easier. To get started, download TruckSmart and login using your UltraONE account information. Once logged in, only two clicks stand between you and your Instant Shower.

    Whether you pay by shower credit, UltraCredit, points or credit card, you now have the ability to reserve your Instant Shower with just two clicks. Then when it is your turn in the queue, instantly unlock your shower door from the app.

    Download TruckSmart now and start saving time!

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    Reserve your Instant Shower

    Choose the site where you would like to shower. The choice will default to the closest site within 50 miles of your current location. Choose your payment method. If you have a shower credit or UltraONE Credit, these options will appear. Press submit to reserve your Instant Shower.

    See Your Current Reservation and Check the Queue

    Your reservation screen will show you which Instant Shower to use and if your Instant Shower is ready for you. If it isn't ready, you may check the queue screen. The queue will show you how many drivers are in line ahead of you.

    Unlock Your Door

    Click the lock to unlock your door. It should take less than three seconds for your door to unlock. 

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